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GP Impact Consulting - Human Resource  

Straight-forward, clear and consise HR policies and job descriptions are imporant for a number of reasons. Failing to implement policies and job descriptions leaves your company open to legal challenges, grievances and lawsuits, especially if you inconsistently apply your human resouces policies and your pay structure/system. Grievances and lawsuits lead to:

  • » Increased costs that affect your profits
  • » Increased turnover
  • » Negative morale

Your company will avoid these problems if you implement hr policies, procedures and job descriptions and you can easily do this if you download our sample job descriptions and hr policies.

Your company needs human resources policies and procedures and current job descriptions so that your staff are treated equally across a variety of employment issues. In addition, human resouce polices help if legal situations arise.Our services are ideally suited for:

  • » Small Business Owners
  • » Managers
  • » HR Professionals
  • » HR Consultants
  • » Lawyers

Small businesses often scramble for resources when compiling staffing information, contracts, developing HR policies and procedures and writing job descriptions. In addition, many large companys have dated policies, procedures and job descriptions that no longer reflect the reality of today's business world. Companies looking for fresh ideas and a fresh start to can find what they are looking for with our sample hr policies and sample job descriptions.

Call or email us today at We hope to become one of your most trusted partners!


TotalSource Solutions

GP Impact Consulting believes the outsourcing process can be greatly improved. Our TotalSource solution helps our clients quickly identify needs and process requirements.

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We have business experience that is the market demand, we know what is the my responsibility about my works, we know on the basis on our product and services . we are responsible about my responsibility.

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